“Illuminati Disclosure”: Is It Real? No…and Yes.


Question: Why does it appear to be the case that so much of luciferian globalist plotting is embedded in the material of films, TV shows, books, music, video games, etc.?


One popular response to this query has been widely repeated across the spectrum of Illuminati-watchers:  “They HAVE TO disclose because God said so.”

As one respectable Christian blogger has summed it up:

‘The Luciferian cabal have to work within something they call “the rules”… a set of spiritual principles that they must follow in order to be allowed to exist… We as Christians call these “rules” God’s Natural Law… They must adhere to these rules in trying to achieve their goals… God’s natural law states that we have freewill… So unless we give them permission (a “legal right”) to enslave us, there is nothing they can do… Another rule is that they must show and tell everything they plan to do to enslave us.’*

[*The above text has been partially paraphrased. source: http://raygano.com/luciferian-black-magic-shadow-government-cabal/%5D

While frequently cited, this view bears severe limitations, even as it can neither historically nor scripturally be proven. To begin with, any Christian should know that sufficient, true disclosure is freely available in the Word of God. Furthermore, it is irrational to think that every shade of plot COULD be disclosed: circumstances and plans change, even if the endgame doesn’t.

To recognize that the luciferians are ultimately constrained by the power of God is one thing. But to suggest that the devil and his children, in any way, category, or period, are ever willingly adhering to God’s Laws is almost tragically ridiculous. “Sin”, according to the Word of God, is “the breaking of the law” (1Jn 3:4). It is foolish to assert that the devil’s servants rejoice over raping children but suddenly get all proper over some other set of rules. It is a mis-characterization of luciferian ethics and methods to suggest that they play by any rules but their own.


Consider the film, Watchmen, wherein the “smartest man in the world”, Adrian Veidt, sets off a mega-weapon, murdering tens of millions, in order to frighten world leaders into unity, and thus “save billions” from death by nuclear war. Veidt arranges the evidence to point to a patsy (“Dr. Manhattan”), after which he convinces his fellow “heroes” that to disclose the truth would negate the evident good value of this slaughter.

Rorschach: The whole world’s going to know what you’ve done!
Veidt: Are they? By exposing me, you would sacrifice the peace so many died for, today.
Nite Owl II: Peace based on a lie.
Veidt: But, peace!
Dr. Manhattan: He’s right. Exposing Adrian would only doom the world to destruction, again.

Clever, eh? We are offered a film which “discloses” globalist plans for chaos, death, and peace based on a lie, but whose heroes choose NOT to disclose the truth. Any messages, here?

There is not one scripture where the devil and his agents announced their intentions to deceive, pervert, and subvert. Did the serpent shout, “Beware my wiles!”? No. He lied, and Eve fell for it. Deception IS the game plan.

A more accurate understanding here is that there are things which the luciferians simply CANNOT keep hidden after a certain point, because God sends His own agents to pull back the curtains. Then, once this or that has been exposed, the luciferians have no choice but to scramble to amplify, to broadcast, to exert what control they can, over the course of that exposure.

Accordingly, the luciferians do conduct a great deal of pre-emptive exposure of their plans, as an attempt to avoid accidental, clumsy exposure — i.e., that which God has forced. But of course they cannot know where HE will strike next.

If they had their way, the luciferians would operate in complete hiddenness. Hence, “the Occult”. Their wet dream is to control all variables, and this necessitates that they do their utmost to forestall nasty surprises. That is the real motivation for all of this apparent “disclosure”: trying to stay one step ahead of the God of Truth. This fact of luciferian ethics differs greatly from the poetic yet baseless view, that they must be acting within an almost noble self-constraint.

Meanwhile, it benefits them to convince us that they’re being good little rule-keepers, that they faint and sigh, “Alas! We must disclose our evil plans before going further! Such are God’s terrible rules! Jeeves, get our PR men in here, right away!”

Right. Untold scores of occult operations lack real, genuine exposure, if any: vast off-planet and underground bases, “UFOs”, synthetic humans, mind control, techno-witchcraft, etc…. What do we really know? Have you seen any photo spreads of those in the Daily Mail?

What information we have, pertaining to these blackest of black ops, has only been revealed by whistleblowers, ex-Illuminists real and not, and well-meaning investigators, all who have been privy only to compartmentalized data; or else released via various media, as pre-emptive muddying of the waters.

One question tossed out by hyperventilating commentators — especially when there has been some sudden re-allocation of, for example, military assets — is, “What do they know that we don’t?” Here is your answer: THEY know, and you DON’T know, whatsoever they have managed to keep hidden from you. Were the luciferians genuinely forthright about their schemes, there would be no reason for that question.

THEY are never going to tell YOU anything honest, or uncontaminated, unless they believe it is to their strategic advantage. The devil operates in the dark, and strives to keep it there. It is incumbent upon us to keep our focus on God’s Word, the only true source of light.


Denver International Airport mural:  https://media.boingboing.net/
Watchmen:  https://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/still/



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